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ML views of NFTs
Bganpunks hypermapped

We thoroughly hypermapped the bganpunks NFT collection. The exercise served as an interesting demonstration of this new hypermap technology. Check it out for 2D and 3D hypermaps, with MIT licensed code available if you want to hack around for yourself.

SNFTM Opening

Hypermap tech was first demonstrated two weeks ago. Today we open sourced the code behind that demonstration. Feel free to test drive the code yourself for free on Google's Colab.

The demo is in the form of a Jupyter notebook, hypermap_bganpunks.ipynb. Hypermaps are new technology we are working on at Sparklewerk. All the code is permissively (MIT) licensed open source.

SNFTM Opening

In celebration of Seattle NFT Museum's opening, Sparklewerk hypermapped the CryptoPunks collection in order to highlight Punk #553, which is on loan from the Bird Collection for the opening. For more details, check out our Punk #553 hypermaps.